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Garnice Law, PLLC, What makes us different?

Garnice Law, PLLC is not your ordinary law firm. We are committed to helping you find a brighter future through teamwork, collaboration and creativity with our clients and among our attorneys and staff. We look beyond simple solutions (and the legal profession) for answers and resources. And without exception, we give all of our clients the attention and our greatest efforts in everything we do. Our commitment is first and foremost to our clients. While we strive to have business-like relationships with opponents and opposing counsel, those relationships are always secondary to our clients’ needs, goals and expectations.


We provide a progressive "team representation" approach with creative use of intellectual, persuasive and technical acumen. Depth, experience and diversity in our attorney talent allow us to match your needs with the most skilled individual representation while also providing the benefits of the full team's collective capabilities.

To ensure the most successful resolution for each client, Garnice Law, PLLC collaborates closely with other professionals - including family therapists, counselors, corporate and financial advisors and accountants. This inclusive extension of our comprehensive team approach supports specifically tailored strategies that better meet each client's unique needs.


Your cause is our commitment. Every Garnice Law attorney is dedicated to tireless advocacy, reasoned decision-making and superior strategy.

Every effort is made to achieve a successful resolution outside the courtroom. However, our attorneys will confidently step before the Bench to challenge opposing counsel - and judges - when doing so is in your best interest. In every circumstance we will passionately champion your rights.


We realize clients come to us to assist them in resolving delicate personal matters. That's why every case - every issue - is addressed with understanding and sensitivity. Our clients all deserve and receive dignity, respect and compassion.

We're mindful that those on the opposite side of the negotiating table - or the courtroom - may often be friends or family whom you never imagined you'd be speaking to through an attorney. We respect the family bonds and understand that disputes between siblings, parents and children, in-laws or other relatives require firm resolve tempered by delicate diplomacy if there is to be hope of maintaining or repairing familial harmony.

We understand that clients with children cannot lose sight of their ability to collaborate with the other parent - now and throughout their lives.

We believe a strategic understanding of the law leads to new possibilities and innovative ways of helping clients minimize risk while maximizing progress toward their goals.

We believe every client has the justified expectation of our fullest commitment and resolve focused on achieving the broadest positive outcome on their behalf.



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