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Scottsdale AZ Divorce, Foreclosure & Real Estate Equity Attorney

Divorce, Foreclosure & Real Estate Estate Equity

Unfortunately, many people face financial difficulties when involved in a divorce, which can be magnified when the person served with divorce papers doesn't expect it.

While divorce is never easy, it can be extremely complex when the spouse with the lower income or one who chose not to work during the marriage is faced with debt and obligations on their mortgages. That person can easily find himself or herself in a difficult financial situation unable to make house and other payments, which can ultimately lead to a home foreclosure. This can also become problematic for the spouse who has been the major financial contributor who now faces having to continue to make mortgage payments and support a non-working spouse.

If you are going through a divorce and are concerned about losing your home? We can help. Please contact Garnice Law PLLC and we will provide the counsel and advice you need.

Facing Foreclosure Due to Divorce?

If you are facing foreclosure as a result of divorce, there are actions you can take to work towards saving the marital home. However, it is important to act quickly to seek financial support from your spouse if you are the less-financially empowered earner.

Request financial assistance from your spouse to make mortgage payments on the marital home. The court can help you if a voluntary agreement cannot be reached.

Gather all applicable documents (mortgage statements, bills, legal documents, etc.) so that the court can be provided with a full understanding of the underlying financial circumstances regarding the marital home. That way, the court will be in a position to issue an order that requires payment of the mortgage.

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