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Scottsdale AZ Paternity Attorneys

Scottsdale AZ Paternity Attorneys

At Garnice Law PLLC we firmly believe that every person who brings a child into the world should accept his or her share of the financial, legal and emotional responsibilities of that child's care. In every paternity case our primary focus is the immediate and long-term well-being of the child.

When the parents are not married, it is important that paternity be legally established. Paternity may be determined by diverse legal means both in or out of court and is critical to the child's wellbeing for many reasons, including:

Identity - Children have the right to know their mother and father.

Legal Custody and Parenting Time - Both parents should know who has the right to make major decisions regarding the child and when each parent will be spending time with the child.

Financial Support - The father may be required to pay child support if paternity has been legally established.

Medical - It may be possible to obtain health insurance coverage for the child through the father's employer.

Survivor's Benefits- If the father is disabled or dies, his child could qualify for a number of benefits: Social Security, inheritance, veteran's benefits and life insurance.

Either parent may initiate a paternity action anytime before the child reaches the age of 18. Paternity can be established even if the father lives in another state.

Paternity Overview
Paternity lawsuits may be necessary to determine parental rights, custody or support matters when the identity of the biological father is in question. In these instances, the court will order a genetic test. The results of this test are then used to establish a legal relationship between the parent and child and determine the extent to which the father has an obligation to support the child. Even if the biological father does not wish to play an active role in the child’s upbringing, he still has the obligation to provide financial support to the minor.

These suits may be brought by the mother, the presumed father (in many instances the husband of the mother), the man alleged to be the father, a government agency or the child (if he or she is underage, a representative must act on his or her behalf). Our family law firm is available to offer you legal guidance, assist in filing a paternity suit with the appropriate court or defend you against paternity action.


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